Dr Rahuram Sivasubramaniam (Ram)

Specialist Adult & Paediatric ENT surgeon
Rhinology & Endoscopic skull base surgeon

Dr Ram Sivasubramaniam is an Australian trained ENT surgeon with fellowship experience and training working in Sydney. Ram strongly believes in providing customised care to his patients looking at their needs, values and choices along with the best evidence-based treatment options.

Common disorders seen, assessed and treated by Dr Ram Sivasubramaniam and team include:


Nasal and sinus disorders (any disorders affecting the nose or sinuses including a blocked nose, allergy, sinusitis, nasal polyps and broken nose)

Anterior skull base disorders (benign and malignant disorders)

Snoring and sleep apnoea  

Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy (Children & adults)

Grommets (Children & adults)

Throat and Voice disorders (Any condition affecting the throat and voice including silent reflux and voice change)

General ear disorders (any disorders affecting the ear including hearing loss and recurrent ear infections) 

General head & neck disorders (any disorders affecting the neck including neck lumps)



10th October 2021

As we slowly emerge from the recent Delta variant of Coronavirus (Sars Cor V2) pandemic, Dr Sivasubramaniam and his teams are making changes based on the advice provided by NSW Health, College of Surgeons and Australian Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (ASOHNS).

At this stage, Dr Sivasubramaniam is consulting in all three of the locations. Patients requesting face-to-face consults are only seen after appropriate screening for COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors. This may include checking the evidence for vaccinations and/or having a COVID-19 PCR Swab test done 48 hours prior to your review for patients. The patients are advised to wear a mask when attending the clinics for their appointment. The number of peope allowed to enter the consulting rooms may also be restricted due to the requirements from NSW Health. This advice may change according to the NSW Health advice and we will communicate that to our patients as early as possible. Telehealth is available when appropriate.  

The rooms are taking the necessary precautions to minimise the spread by obeying with the Government guidelines of social distancing, frequent hand washing and the use of PPE for our staff. There is also hand sanitiser for use by the patients.

At the current stage, all surgeries are being performed according to their urgency categories in the Private sectors and with the restrictions put in place by NSW health. Patients may need a COVID - 19 PCR Swab prior to the surgery and isolate until the time of surgery in most scenarios. The Public sector operating has been restricted according to NSW Health.

As this is a rapidly changing pandemic and guidelines are changing quickly, Dr Sivasubramaniam and staff will try their best to keep you updated about your clinic review or surgery.

More information about the COVID-19 Pandemic can be obtained from the NSW Health website.


Dr Rahuram Sivasubramaniam (Ram) currently consults out of three convenient locations in Sydney.

Ste 1, 16-22 Burwood Road
Burwood, NSW 2135
Tel: 02 9747 3199
Ste 102, Bld B
Level 1, 4 Hyde Parade,
Campbelltown, NSW 2560
Tel: 02 4625 1682
The Hive Specialist & Dental
29-33 Joyce Street,
Pendle Hill, NSW 2145
Tel: 02 7803 9191