Dr Ram Sivasubramaniam sees and treats common ENT problems in young children to adults. Some of the common ones are listed below.

Grommet (Ventilation Tube) Surgery

This is a common procedure performed for issues with ongoing fluid build up in the ears (Otitis Media with Effusion / Glue Ear) despite appropriate medical treatment. There are also other indications for this surgery including recurrent ear infections with or without complications. Dr Ram Sivasubramaniam will assess the child and organise for appropriate medical treatment, hearing assessment and facilitate the surgery accordingly.


This is a common surgery performed in children with sleep apnoea or sleep disordered breathing. Dr Ram Sivasubramaniam will clinically assess the child and assess the impact of the tonsils and adenoids (+/- turbinates and nasal obstruction) in their sleep disordered breathing and tailor the best surgical treatment for the patient. This surgery is also done for recurrent infections or in patient who have had complications following episodes of tonsillitis.

Nasal Surgery (Turbinoplasty / Adenoidectomy)

Nasal airway is an important aspect of breathing and is vital for normal craniofacial development in children. Dr Ram Sivasubramaniam will assess the child's nasal airway including the turbinates +/- allergy. Surgery may be needed to manage the nasal obstruction and the type of surgery will depend on the patient's age, the degree of turbinate and adenoidal swelling and the nasal architecture. Dr Ram Sivasubramaniam will go through all of these options and will tailor the surgery according to the patient.

Nasal Cautery (Epistaxis / Nose bleeds)

Nose bleeds are a very common issue in all ages and Dr Ram Sivasubramaniam will assess and treat the bleeds accordingly. The treatment can go from simple measures including sprays, ointments and nasal care to surgical interventions including cautery.

Snoring / Sleep Disordered Breathing / Sleep Apnoea

This is a relatively common and often under diagnosed condition in children. Features of sleep disordered breathing can range of snoring, restless sleeping, sweating at night, ongoing bed wetting, being hyper active during the day times to frank stopping of breathing at night (apnoeas). It is important that children are seen and assessed for sleep apnoea as it can have neuro-cognitive and cranio-facial consequences in children. Dr Ram Sivasubramaniam works closely with Dentists and Paediatricians to offer a complete care to these patients as required.

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